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Your safety is important to us

Here at the Crown and Tuns we have your best interest at the core of our hearts ♥ We have put several measures in place to help you enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable day/night out, here are some of the things we are being most praised for…

♥All your cutlery, condiments and a sanitizing hand wipe are sealed in a paper bag ready for you 2 days before they are used.

♥All Door handles and the track and trace area are sanitised just as often as the tables and chairs in between uses, some thing a lot of places forget to do.

♥Our staff are all wearing face masks and have a lanyard on showing a nice smiling picture so you can see who you’re talking to under the mask.

♥We have a one way system in place.

♥All our staff wash their hands CONSTANTLY and sanitise after touching ANYTHING…E45 cream much appreciated.

♥Track and trace pencils are placed in a sealed box after use, so you don’t need to worry about who touched it last.

Your server wears serving gloves when bringing your food out of the kitchen so you can be rest assured that no one has touched your plates with bear hands.

We are constantly training our staff on Covid safety and updating our efforts on a regular basis if we find anything we feel could be beneficial in helping to control the virus whilst not making our customers feel uncomfortable in any way.
We have managed to keep all our wonderful full time staff in employment and, as difficult as it has sometimes been, some of our part timers too and hope to continue to do so.
So please come along knowing you are in safe hands, and if you have any concerns before you come or while you’re here please feel free to talk to us as we are always looking for ways to improve for the benefit of your safety.