Even though all the restrictions have been lifted, we are still doing everything we can to keep our lovely pie people safe.
The screens have been removed and the tables have been put back in but the sanitiser stations are staying for you to use if you so wish to.
The QR track and trace posters are still up but it is now your choice whether or not to use them.
You are not required to wear a face mask when not seated but we do ask for people to be aware of their surroundings and that there are many people that are still concerned about their health so please respect others and bring a face mask with you in case you                                                       need it.
If you are still feeling anxious about being in enclosed spaces with others, please do not hesitate to ask your server to wear a face mask if they are not already doing so. We have given our wonderful staff the option of wearing a face mask but they will totally understand if you ask them to put one on.