Well…what can I say, here we go again…

We really do hope with all our heart that you are all doing ok, staying safe and well, and surviving mentally as well as physically through these hard hard times. The only comfort we can all take in this is that we’re all going through it together, and you are not alone.

We are in Tier 2

This is possibly the worst tier for hospitality to be in;

  • you can come out to eat but not with friends or family outside of your house hold or support bubble
  • you can have an alcoholic drink only if you have a meal

We have rearranged the pub again and maintained our Covid safety procedures and we have made a nice cosy seating area out in the garden, but with the weather cooling off significantly now and over the next couple of months it’s going to be tough.

Upon arrival you will be asked to complete a track and trace form or scan the NHS QR code and to sanitise your hands, you will then be shown to your table, you can only remove your face covering once you are seated and will have to wear it if you stand up to leave your table at any point. All ordering for food or drink will be from the table and you are asked not to leave your table except for the toilets and not to engage in conversation with other tables.

Young children and babies are welcome until 7:30pm due to licensing restrictions, but they must stay at the table and not be left to wonder around, they must not engage with people on other tables and mustn’t be allowed to touch surfaces and items beyond the table they are at so the staff are able to sanitise properly and thoroughly after they have left.

Due to the distancing restrictions that are within the building we are currently not able to have pushchairs or dogs (except assistance dogs) inside as there isn’t enough room for people to make their way round them leaving enough room between themselves and other diners…

Truly, truly hate having to say all these restrictions to you all as it’s totally against everything we do in hospitality, we love seeing people engaging with others, and families and friends sharing their stories with each other, but if we are to get this virus under control and if we are ever to get back to some sort of normal again then I suppose we all just have to suck it up at the moment and do what we can to stamp it out.

We are open and we are ready to greet you and are doing everything we can to keep you happy and safe, we look forward to seeing you soon