Pies, the answer to life’s problems

Lifting the lid on our famous homemade pies

You know the saying. “If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly”. And to us, a pie is definitely worth doing.

That’s why at The Crown & Tuns, we only bake proper, traditional, homemade pot pies. Pies with a base, a lid and a festival of flavours in between. There’s too much shortcrust short-changing going on in the pie world these days, and we’re putting a stop to it one batch at a time.

Our fillings are fine-dining flavours, crafted from beautiful, locally sourced ingredients and cooked in pressure cookers for unbeatable tenderness.

Our pastry? Freshly made, and rolled out by hand every single morning.

It’s a simple equation for pie, but one that’s been working for us now for more than a decade.

As for the dining experience, well it’s just like eating at home – minus the washing up. We’ll bring you your pie in the kind of traditional dish Granny would be proud of, then you can help yourself to cutlery and kitchen roll (who doesn’t love the stuff) and dig in!

Find out more about our homely service in the FAQ section.


Our pie perfectionists are constantly creating, so our menu changes all the time. Because we make everything fresh and never freeze, we might occasionally run out of a certain pie, but when we do, we’ll usually add another to the menu.


We serve up our pies in individual dishes, and give you a plate to help yourself (better than tackling the whole thing at once!) Enjoy with a choice of chips or mash, plus a selection of vegetables and a jug of good old gravy.


Pie styles historically depended on how the local baker made his bread. If the bread was baked in pots or tins, pie fillings only needed to be protected from the heat on top / bottom – not all around (as would be required if the baker used flat trays).

You can learn more about the huge range of homemade pies from our food menu, or visit our FAQ page for further details.